Why Us?

Two Word Answer: Information Asymmetry!

Suppose you want to buy a used car and there exists a seller. There’s information asymmetry right there! The seller knows the exact condition of the car whereas buyer does not! George Akerlof in an epochal paper titled “”The Market for Lemons: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism” stated that the market will eventually have just “lemons” or low quality cars. The purpose of Software Licensing Advisory Services is basically to bridge the information asymmetry that exists between principal vendors and customers. Most vendors couch their licensing terms and contracts in such complexity that the customer does not know what they entering to. This can be catastrophic and can have mammoth financial implications! That would be a disservice to corporate governance and fiscal prudence.

If we take Microsoft as an example most customers don’t understand the implications of entering into an Enterprise Agreement or a Server Cloud Enrollment. Does it protect your earlier investments? Does it allow you to leverage software procured through other licensing mechanisms such as Open, Select Plus, MPN etc? How about if you transition to Cloud? What happens to the perpetual use rights? Are the plans being suggested to you the right plans? How do you validate if they are right? Does one size fit all?

These are questions that SLASP seeks to help customers with! Help you tailor a right investment suited to your organizational strategy with absolute clarity on the implications of your decision. What we can bring to table is something that has not existed till now in the market and the market intermediaries, such as SLASP, is the right mechanism to bridge this asymmetry and optimize your investments!