SL (Software Licensing) Advisory Services Private Limited provides the following services:

  • Microsoft New Contract Negotiation Services: SL Advisory Services Private Limited will provide customers end-to-end consulting when they are signing up a “New Contract”. Often times customers enter into a contract not understanding the Terms and Conditions and how it impacts their existing software assets. It has also been our experience that customers over purchase licenses or do not do adequate profiling of users leading to unproductive investments. We help you understand the implications of the “New Contract”, help you negotiate the best possible pricing even while protecting your existing investments.  We do not work with any Licensing Partner of Microsoft therefore we will provide you unbiased and 100% genuine advice that will help you optimize your budgets. For Global Companies Microsoft Pricing also provides scope for arbitrage which means contracting from certain locations could be more advantageous. We can help you leverage this arbitrage scenario and help optimize your procurement.


  • Microsoft EA Renewal Negotiation Services: Renewals are complex negotiations with Microsoft as Microsoft is not as much obliged to give the customers the same concessions it extended in the prior cycle. With our expertise we can help you to get the best pricing and non-pricing concessions during your EA Renewal. EA Renewal’s are also trigger points for Microsoft to Up sell and therefore having an expert consultant advise you will help you only buy what is needed without being tied up with unnecessary and recurring cash outflows.


  • Software Asset Management Services: Software Asset Management Audits are triggered by Microsoft for a variety of reasons and can have serious financial implications for the end customer. With our expertise we can help minimize the audit risks, ensure compliance and help you negotiate a mutually acceptable solution. We will help you understand the current license footprint, usage vs entitlement, over/under licensing if any, plug any non-productive and expensive ways of procuring, plug any potential non-compliance scenarios.


  • Licensing Boot Camp: Refer the link