Licensing Boot Camp

Microsoft Licensing can be very complicated and confusing. Microsoft categorizes licensing into Program Licensing and Product Licensing. Each Program has its own benefits and pitfalls. Similarly Product Licensing is also categorized into subsections with each product having its own set of licensing terms. The Licensing Boot Camp is designed to help customers simplify the complex licensing maze and help them take the right decisions when they need to procure.

Topics Covered Under The Licensing Boot Camp are as below

  • Volume Licensing Basics
  • Product Licensing Basics
  • Program Licensing Basics
  • Productivity Servers Licensing
  • Desktop Licensing
  • Office 365 Licensing, Options, Transition Scenarios
  • Core Infrastructure Licensing
  • Application Platform Licensing
  • Server and Cloud Enrollment

If you are interested in attending The Licensing Boot Camp please send an e-mail to